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Salut, je suis Jean-Louis ELIMBI du Cameroun, titulaire d'un Brevet de technicien supérieur et je suis très polyvalent en technique, actuellement je suis chef d'équipe d'administrateurs réseaux et systèmes FTTx pour une structure de la place.
J'apprécie beaucoup votre initiative et vos œuvres. Grande est mon désir de bosser dans votre équipe des champions pour faire vraiment valoir mes capacités.
Merci d'accuser réception de mon message svp???.

À tout moment !

00237697486820 ( WhatsApp )
Date de l'affichage: 31 December 2020
Posté par: Jean-Louis ELIMBI
Jerome and his team (Francis and Herve) were excellent right from the inquiry call to the end. Very professional and did a fabulous job at a very reasonable price. Everything was done within 24 hours from time of call.

Thank you. I will surely think of you guys when I need to paint again.

Date de l'affichage: 31 December 2020
Posté par: Rahul
I have had The chance to Work with Jerome , And I can Confirm that he is very Professional and the quality of his Job is Excellent!
Date de l'affichage: 25 April 2020
Posté par: Ray
I was referred to Jerome and his team by my realtor agent. Jerome came to our house and took the time to tour and review the work to be done. I must say that we met a lot of contractors in the GTA prior to met Jerome. A lot of were overpriced, other underpriced, while Jetache give us a detailled quote showing all labor and material cost. They started on time, and work very professionally. Jerome answer much of our questions and concerns, and keep us up to date with the schedule and work to do. Looking at our house before and after make a big diffence due the the professional work of Jetache Reno. I highly recommend this contractor.
Date de l'affichage: 18 February 2019
Posté par: Emmanuel
I highly recommend Jérome and his team for general renovation work - they are super! After searching for over a month for the right contractor to finish a home office and other odds and ends around our home, we thankfully selected Jérome for the job. Price was right, about on par with the orhers, but he also had a super attitude. Each time he said he would get back to me he did. His honesty and integrity is what drew us in. The quality of work is great and completed quickly. They replaced doors, trim, and flooring, and other little projects, making our home more comfortable and safe. I hope to have them back to continue improving our home. Price, honesty, timely, quality, and integrity = a happy customer.
Date de l'affichage: 22 June 2018
Posté par: Stephanie Kalisky
I am very pleased to having chosen Jerome as contractor for our basement renovation in Hamilton.
He is very professional and made some very interesting suggestions during the works.
I am satisfied with the new basement and I would highly recommend Jerome.
Date de l'affichage: 09 March 2018
Posté par: Sylvestre Kengne
I was considering to renovate my laminate flooring in Mississauga and obtained a quote from three different contractors. One of them was JETACHE RENODECOR INC. Jerome was able to accommodate my request of seeing the work project the next day in the evening and later in the same night he sent me an estimate that was very competitive compared to the others given the quality of materials I was expecting. Not only Jerome provided me with a quote on a timely manner, but he also met and exceeded my expectation by doing my renovation work with an outstanding professionalism and within the deadline.
I highly recommend JETACHE RENODECOR INC. for your renovation project. Jerome is a contractor you can rely on with piece of mind.
Date de l'affichage: 02 March 2018
Posté par: Achille Kamgaing
I confirm that Jerome effectively did some work for me last summer. He actually finished my basement, putting drywall, painting and tiling. He was very professional and everything was neatly done. I was very pleased and I am still very pleased with the look of my basement. I have no hesitation at all in referring him to anyone.
Date de l'affichage: 06 April 2016
Posté par: Hortense from Mississauga
In October 2014 we moved to Mississauga and we needed the house to be refreshed and professionally finished. Jetache redid our molding, walls (repairs), ceiling and baseboards. They also professionally painted our family, living and dinning rooms as well as the kitchen.They are very knowledgeable, reliable, detail-oriented and i strongly recommend them.
Date de l'affichage: 06 April 2016
Posté par: J. Bertrand from Mississauga
Jerome was easy to work with and the job was very professional.
I highly recommended.
Date de l'affichage: 06 April 2016
Posté par: Riz Dhansi
Jetache did a great job for us in Brampton with the landscaping and patio. The job was on schedule and under our budget. We received some great design ideas from Jetache. They are detail oriented and type of "Do it Right the First Time!".
Highly recommend Jetache services.

Date de l'affichage: 06 April 2016
Posté par: Koloko from Brampton
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Date de l'affichage: 29 March 2016
Posté par: John Hopkinss - ZYX Group, Ltd
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